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Fostering an Open Ecosystem on the Symphony Platform

Promote the adoption of Symphony Open Source Project as the preferred messaging, communications, workflow and productivity platform worldwide.

Host an arena of innovation focused on solving industry collaboration problems with a cooperative approach, through openness, interoperability and standardization on the Symphony Open Source Project.

Deliver an enterprise grade platform in terms of security and compliance produced in a community and enterprise friendly governance that fosters Open Source contributions.

What We Do

Open Source

The Symphony Software Foundation hosts an ecosystem of open source projects around the Symphony messaging and collaboration platform. Projects are community driven and licensed under the enterprise friendly Apache v2 license. Through a meritocratic project governance, contributors can participate and influence the evolution of the Symphony ecosystem. Check out our Github repository.

Open Developer Platform (new!)

In addition to developer tools and documentation and an enterprise-grade software lifecycle that ensures high quality, security and IP cleanliness of its project releases, the Foundation now provides its members and committers open development access to the Symphony APIs. Learn more about the Open Developer Platform and request access here.

Open Innovation

Through its working groups focused on technology interoperability financial services industry standardization and open source contributions, the Foundation fosters open innovation and open standards between the member organizations to the Symphony Platform. All our working groups are transparently hosted.

Open Governance

The Foundation implements an open, inclusive and meritocratic governance model for each of its governing entities, which include Board of Directors, Engineering Steering Committee, working groups and project teams. See our bylaws.

October 4, 2017

Symphony Grows Workflow Productivity with New Platform Capabilities

Symphony announces two major code contributions to the Symphony Software Foundation.

October 4, 2017

Deutsche Bank Makes its Code Publicly Available for the First Time

Deutsche Bank announces its first open source contribution, representing the largest outside contribution to the Symphony Software Foundation.

September 21, 2017

The Symphony Software Foundation: Bringing Open Source To Wall Street

Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director at the Symphony Software Foundation, on how open source can take Fintech to the next level.

September 12, 2017

Symphony Software Foundation Launches Open Source Strategy Forum

November event to feature a world-class roster of speakers from financial and enterprise software industries.

August 24, 2017

Getting FinServ Ready for Open Source

Aaron Williamson, General Counsel and Director of Governance, on how banks can benefit from open source.

July 27, 2017

Is Wall Street Ready for Open Source Software?

SSF recognized as one of the biggest proponents of the OSS movement, now gaining ground across Wall St.

July 25, 2017

Symphony Software Foundation sets out to build a new fintech innovation model

Adds four new Silver Members: Arcontech, BankEX, Cloud9 Technologies and FinTech Studios.

May 23, 2017

Ipreo Joins the Symphony Software Foundation as a Gold Member

Symphony Software Foundation announces Ipreo as its latest Gold Member.

May 9th, 2017

Financial services organisations are “waking up” to finding talent through open source

Gabriele Columbro, executive director at the Symphony Software Foundation, on how open source can drive a successful and fulfilling career.

February 14th, 2017

ChartIQ, The Beast Apps and Tick42 join the Symphony Software Foundation to foster open fintech innovation

The Foundation witnesses strategic interest in fintech interoperability fueling growth of the Symphony open ecosystem

October 18th, 2016

The Symphony Software Foundation is Open for Business

Offers Open Developer Platform on Symphony to close the digital divide

October 6th, 2016

Symphony Grows Workflow Productivity with New Platform Capabilities and Multi-modal Collaboration Stack

Symphony is open sourcing their new integration platform through the Symphony Software Foundation

September 13th, 2016

An introduction to Symphony Software Foundation Open ecosystem

Gabriele Columbro, Symphony Software Foundation Executive Director, on mission, values and roadmap of the SSF

August 8th, 2016

OpenFin & Symphony Software Foundation Join Forces

OpenFin & Symphony Software Foundation Join Forces to Drive Fintech Standardization

The Symphony Software Foundation is committed to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone. Our Code of Conduct can be found here.

October 23-24, 2017

All Things Open

Join us as we host the FinServ track at All Things Open 2017. This event will take place in Downtown Raleigh, NC and will explore open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise. Recognized as the largest ‘open’ technology event on the east coast, it will welcome technologists and decision makers from around the world. For more information, click here.

November 8, 2017

Open Source Strategy Forum

The Open Source Strategy Forum is a one-day conference for executive-level decision makers and senior technologists from financial services seeking to drive industry innovation through open source. Attendees will include C-level executives from most of the world’s largest and most important financial services firms as well as open source and enterprise thought leaders. A world-class speaker roster will lead a dynamic conversation about leveraging open source as key part of a corporate technology strategy. For more information, see here.

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The Symphony Platform

The Symphony Platform enables secure and compliant messaging for Enterprise collaboration, within and across the firewall, while users retain full control of their information over the wire and at rest, thanks to a fully client side encryption technology. Based on modern, open source, cloud and big data technologies, it provides the perfect environment to collaborate and integrate with in order to take business productivity to the next level for your organization.


Through fully client side end-to-end encryption technology for data in motion and at rest, Symphony provides a secure messaging framework which satisfies privacy needs of individuals and Enterprises.


Extend the Symphony experience to implement your custom business solutions or integrate your 3rd party product, through the multiple API sets provided on the server and client side.


Through the usage of signals, hashtags and cashtags, Symphony enables a drastic reduction of signal-to-noise ratio in your communications and a fully integrated flow of information between chats and external information feeds.

Desktop Integration

Through advanced client side technologies, Symphony provides cross platform Desktop integration which allows the Symphony experience to be integrated in everyday knowledge workers tools of choice.


Contributed projects are hosted in our Github repository. There are several types of projects that we plan to host in the Foundation, see below for contribution ideas:

Symphony Core

The Symphony core messaging platform. We are working with Symphony to have the initial contribution of the Platform, so Get in Touch and join the Community for updates.

Symphony Developer Tools

API clients, SDKs, libraries and scripts to provide a rapid and effective developer experience.


General purpose extensions of the Symphony experience and applications running on the Symphony platform, to solve common industry problems.

Platform integrations

Integrations with 3rd party platforms and other enterprise software, to enable wider adoption in the enterprise and support extended workflow and productivity intra- and inter-organization.

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry leverages Symphony for internal and external communication, feeding of financial information and market data as well in integration with trading platforms.

The Symphony Software Foundation welcomes contributions members of the Financial Services community, riding the wave of innovation and interoperability that this industry is witnessing.

For more information check out the Symphony website.

Service Provider

Symphony LLC is the SaaS provider for the Symphony Platform.

About Symphony

Connect, Collaborate, Deliver

Symphony’s secure, cloud-based communications service delivers the next wave in organizational productivity where markets and individuals come together to create vibrant communities in which to share content, insights and opinions without compromising on organizational compliance. Learn more about Symphony.


Contribute to the Symphony Software Foundation

There are many ways you can get involved in the Symphony Community, by contributing ideas, code and sending us your feedback in the different Symphony Foundation channels. Join the Symphony Community today and send us your feedback!

Project Contribution

Anyone can contribute code and become a committer the Symphony Software Foundation. The code will be hosted in our source code repository and licensed under Apache License v2. Take a look the type of projects hosted by the Foundation and start contributing following our Code Contribution Process.

Patches Contribution

The easiest way to start contributing is to send us your patches for bugs or new features, via Pull Requests or submitting patches in our Issue Tracker.

Working Group

If you are a Member Organization you can participate to and initiate new Working Groups, to collaboratively work on common industry problems and identify solutions based on the Symphony Platform.

Community Governance

Enhance, provide feedback and help shaping our Foundation governance and transparent decision-making, by joining our Wiki.

Get in touch with the Symphony Community

Mailing List

Join our mailing lists, depending on your level of affiliation with the Foundation. See how to Get in Touch.


About the Symphony Software Foundation

Fostering open innovation, industry standardization, security and compliance for Financial Services business inter- and intra-firm communication, collaboration and workflow productivity on the Symphony Platform

Our Values


Validation driven, KISS, crawl/walk/run, agile


Open Communication, Open Source & Standards, Open Architecture


Public decision making process, records, clear communication


Invites contribution from members and community at-large. Our strength is in the network.


Fosters bottom up, reputation driven influence on the project

Developer Focus

Participation should be easy & engaging, because developers love it

Cloud readiness

Products integrate easily with de facto DevOps standards and Cloud PaaS

Enterprise Grade

IP Cleanliness, Predictable product lifecycle, compliance and security


The Foundation operates according to a transparent governance model defined by our Bylaws and Community Governance policies. The following bodies participate in the Foundation's governance.

Board of Directors

Drives business and overall strategy.


Develop and manage projects under the Foundation umbrella.

Engineering Steering Committee

Provides high level technical governance and roadmap alignment between the projects in the Foundation.


Our community-at-large, providing code and documentation contributions, with a meritocracy-driven path to committership.

Working Groups

Member driven committees impacting design, architecture and standardization choices in the platform.

Board of Directors

Gabriele Columbro
Executive Director
Symphony Software Foundation
John Madsen
Goldman Sachs
Jim Adams
Managing Director
Deutsche Bank
Nick Caine
Head of Global Markets Architecture & Cross Product IT
Brad Levy
Global Head of Processing and Loans, CEO MarkitSERV
IHS Markit
Mike Gardner
Managing Director and Head of Center at BNY Mellon Innovation Center
BNY Mellon
Christopher McGuire
User Experience Designer & Development Manager
Alejandra Villagra
Head of Product Development, Citi Velocity
Ray Mulligan
Head of IB Trading Tech
Credit Suisse
Matthew Gardner
Architectural and Technical Team Lead
Nathan Bricklin
SVP, Innovation Group
Wells Fargo
Sandeep Saini
Global Markets Sales, Research and Capital Markets Technology
Mike Urciuoli
Managing Director
JP Morgan
Dov Katz
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley
Jason Imperato
CIO Nomura Holding America; CIO Global Markets; previously Global Head of Equities & Prime Services Technology
Justin Peterson
Head of Institutional Technology
Lawrence Miller
Symphony LLC
Mike Harmon
Symphony LLC
Jonathan Christensen
Symphony LLC
Mazy Dar
Krishna Nathan
S&P Global

Engineering Steering Commitee (ESCo)

The Engineering Steering Committee is responsible for the active maintenance and management of the Symphony Open Source Project, including establishing product roadmaps and the development, testing, acceptance, commitment and publication of new features.

The ESCo is the technical arm of the Foundation. The membership elects two representatives to the ESCo.

Find out more about the ESCo proceedings and composition in the Foundation Wiki.


Symphony Software Foundation membership

The Foundation thrives because of its Members and community at-large. World leading companies have joined the Symphony Software Foundation to build business communication and workflow solutions in an open and collaborative way, at the pace of Open Source. Read about the benefits of membership, review our membership policies and membership agreement, and contact us to become a member today!

Read the Membership Prospectus

Platinum Members

Our Platinum Members include

Gold Members

Our Gold Members include

Silver Members

Our Silver Members include

Membership Benefits

For more information about memberships, download our member information sheet now.

For the full prospectus, click here.

Industry Working Groups

Member organizations participate to collaborative Working Groups which influence the design, standards and architecture decisions in the development of Symphony core and extensions, fostering adoption and interoperability. Working Groups enable wider adoption and interoperability for the Platform even prior to code being developed. Take a look at existing Working Groups or propose the creation of a new Working Group.

Access to Developer Platform

Community contributors and foundation member organizations have open development access to the Symphony API, as well as best-of-breed development tools and lifecycle, to promote a seamless developer experience of bots, applications and integrations on the Symphony Platform.

Strategy and Roadmap Influence

Members organizations have a strong representation in the Foundation Board of Directors and in the Engineering Steering Committee, influencing the overall evolution of the Symphony project and the long term roadmap.

Industry Surveys

Through periodical industry surveys, the Foundation provides his members with unique insight on the usage of the Symphony platform in different industries, global security / compliance trends and open source readiness, driving focused and informed investments in the Platform and in your organization.

Global Visibility

Unique positioning in the Foundation worldwide evangelism campaigns, conferences and online presence.

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